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We just got our vote on. There was nobody there. Over half of the voting stations were empty. Then again, it's possible that Grosse Pointers have an overkill of voting areas because they don't like to stand in lines. There were two separate precincts set up at the school we went to, and the school across the street 100 yards away also had two precincts. Our polling place was less than a half block from our house and according to the list, only included four other streets.

I hope the legalization of medical marijuana proposal passes. I heard virtually nothing about that proposal and didn't even know it was on the ballot until a few days go. And I'm hoping all the moronic jesus-fearing fundies don't kill off the stem cell bill. I fully intend on re-growing body parts and organs when I'm old and creaky.

Please god let Obama win, we don't need any more stupid.

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John McCain is all old and creaky, you'd think he'd be down with the stem cells. Bloody republicans.

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