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What's going on today? Only one person on my friends list has updated. That has never happened before. Is everyone alive?

Amazon's free shipping SUCKS. I know I've been bitching about this repeatedly, but seriously. My package sat at a post office 22 miles away from Nov 14 - Nov 17. It was "in transit" from the 17th on. Mind you, it was a half hour away.

Wanna know where it is today? DENVER, CO. 1,257 MILES IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.

WTF????????? Now they are sending a replacement package, and I'm sure a month later the original will show up and I'll have to go through the hassle of returning it.

I did get a "direct" number to amazon though. They don't put their number on their site anymore, you have to request for them to call you. Here's the number - never know when you might need it. 866-216-1072


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