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Does anyone still use LJ? It looks like a ghost town on my friends list. I just tidied up my friendslist and removed anyone who's handle didn't immediately connect to an actual face for me. So sorry if I offended anyone....didn't mean to. Leave a comment if I did.


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I'm still here! :) I don't post as often, but it's still the only site where I read every entry. I can't keep up with hundreds of tiny updates on Facebook.

Hey I was just thinking about you recently! Are you on fb?

Yep, I am. My email is alceria{at}, look me up! How are you? Did you finish school?

I still read and comment but never have time to post my own entries. My friends list is also a sad ghost town---I miss seeing more than one-line Facebook updates from everyone.

I post from time to time, mostly read though.

I'm here...just not as active as I was, either. But I do read daily.

yeah, you better not remove me, biatch!

I still use it. It's Brandi :P

Haha, just making sure. It's been a while. Actually, I have been using LJ a lot more lately. It's kind of nice, because so many people have jumped ship that there is a feel of privacy again, lol.

I'm guilty. I have had an affair (let's just call her FB) but it ended since she was a shallow one, only telling me trivial stuff as "Oh, I'm at work", "I'm eating chicken" or "Watching soccer". Seriously; I've been trying to get LJ working again but it does feel pretty empty here. And I dont think that FB is a fun place anymore...

I feel like livejournal is in the stone ages...we still have to use html to post feels so deliciously antiquated!

I always enjoyed your posts, you always include great photos, and your bread-making images were always drool-worthy. :)

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